Becoming a Trainer

Our Education Foundation has been a long-term partner with the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Our ServSafe Alcohol program is approved for online and in-person training.

The majority of our instructor led classes are taught by an in-house trainer in your restaurant. We offer a full training program so that you can become a certified trainer.

Why train in-house?

Being able to train your staff is super convenient. New employees can easily get trained and be in compliance quickly. If a number of employees permits are expiring host a class for several team members. In today’s business world convenience is everything.

Your staff can also receive this great training online or you can find an instructor in your area to provide this training for you and your staff.

How to get started

Train your employees in-house to receive alcohol server permits by becoming a ServSafe Alcohol trainer:

1) Obtain a ServSafe Alcohol Advanced Certificate and Class 12 permit. Any Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation (WRAEF) certified ServSafe Alcohol instructor can administer one or both of the exams required to obtain both certifications. You can find an instructor near you here.

2) Become a certified ServSafe Alcohol instructor. After obtaining your advanced ServSafe Alcohol certification, you become eligible to apply for instructor status. You must take the online ServSafe Alcohol Tutorial and online Instructor Assessment. Upon completion, you must submit an application with the $50 fee. You can find more information regarding this process here.

3) Attend a continuing education class. The Washington state Liquor Control Board (LCB) and WRAEF will hold continuing education classes throughout Washington state. You must attend one of these approved classes before, and every five years after, you become certified as an instructor with the WRAEF and LCB. Contact us for a training schedule.

4) Complete the necessary forms for the LCB. Simply click here to download the forms, print a copy, write in your answers and sign them. Original signatures are required. You will need to view the LCB’s PowerPoint presentation, Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Revised Code of Washington (RCW). Please reference the exact WACs and RCWs as specified on the LCB’s Trainer Briefing Questionnaire. Leave no space unanswered.

5) Mail the completed LCB forms, ServSafe Alcohol certification and ServSafe Alcohol Instructor approval to the WRAEF. Original documents with signatures are needed. Mail to:

510 Plum Street SE, Suite 200
Olympia, WA 98501

6) Purchase class training material. After receiving your approval letters from the LCB and the WRAEF, you may purchase your trainer toolkit. Trainer toolkits are available for purchase through ServSafe. WRA members receive a discount on all ServSafe Alcohol materials so have your WRA member number available when ordering.

For more information on ServSafe Alcohol, contact Amy Spradcin at or 877.695.9733 Ext 135.

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  • Checking Identification
  • Handling Difficult Situations
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