1. Why do employees who sell or serve alcohol need to be certified?
o RCW 66.20.300 through 66.20.350 set up a mandatory alcohol server training program. These laws require persons who serve, mix, sell, or supervise the service of, alcohol for on-premises consumption to hold one of two permits (Class 12 or Class 13).  You must complete the server training program and pass an exam to obtain a permit.
2. What is the difference between a Class 12 and Class 13 MAST permit?
o Class 12 MAST permits are issued to those who are 21 years old and over. It allows the certified individual to perform all alcohol server duties. Class 13 MAST permits are issued to those who are 18-20 years old. It allows the certified individuals to perform limited alcohol server duties.Individuals who successfully complete the course and exam will receive the proper permit depending on their age. Individuals do not need to request a specific permit.
3. Who needs to get certified?
o Anyone who serves, mixes, sells or supervises the service of alcohol of on-premises consumption. This includes employees of grocery stores who conduct wine tastings.  Individuals  must be at least 18 years old (or turning 18 within 30 days) before they are eligible to take the course and exam to become certified.
4. How does someone get certified?
o Two ways; ServSafe Alcohol® Washington Online or by taking a ServSafe Alcohol in-person class. You can find classes in your area here. If you have at least 10 individuals needing certification, the WRAEF will come to you. Inquire here.
5. How much does it cost?
o The ServSafe Alcohol Online Course costs $32.
o ServSafe Alcohol classes vary per instructor. If attending one through WRAEF, WRA members pay $45 per person and non-members pay $52 per person. Use WAPROMO20 to take the class for $20 (valid through June 30, 2016).
6. Where can I find a class?
o Classes are available both online and in a classroom setting. If you are interested in taking a class online click here. If you have at least 10 individuals needing certification, the WRAEF will come to you. Inquire here.
7. How long does the course take?
o Regardless of taking the course online or in-person, the Liquor Control Board requires that the class is at least 3 hours in length. The online course allows you to complete the course at your own pace, saving your progress as you go.
8. Who pays for the certification?
o The law mandates that all employees who sell or serve alcohol be certified and the MAST permit belongs to the employee, regardless of place of employment, thus it can be considered a condition of employment and the employee should pay. Employers may choose to cover the cost of the training or pass on their discounted pricing to their employee with the use of their member number.
9. How long is the certificate good for?
o ServSafe Alcohol certifications, Class 12 and Class 13 permits are good for five years from the date of the successful completion of the exam.
10. How long do I have to complete the online course?
o The online course code is good for one year from the date of purchase. Once you redeem the course code, the course is available to you for 90 days. You must complete the online course and exam within the 90 day window or your course will expire.
11. Myself or my employee already received a MAST permit through another course, is it still good?
o Yes, as long as the employee has a valid Class 12 or Class 13 MAST permit that was issued through a Liquor Control Board approved provider. You can confirm the validity of a permit using the Liquor Control Board’s MAST Permit Checker.  The ServSafe Alcohol certification itself is not required by Washington law.
12. Myself or my employee was trained in another state, is it still good?
o Washington state requires that employees have a valid Class 12 or Class 13 MAST permit which is specific to Washington state only. Any permits acquired outside of Washington state are not recognized by Washington state law. ServSafe Alcohol certifications are not recognized in Washington state which is why the ServSafe Alcohol Washington program includes the Class 12 or Class 13 MAST permit.
13. Why should someone get certified with ServSafe Alcohol?
o ServSafe Alcohol Washington incorporates Washington specific laws and regulations as required in all mandatory alcohol server training programs in Washington state. By providing this state specific training throughout the standard ServSafe Alcohol material, students receive two certifications upon course and exam completion, the ServSafe Alcohol certificate and the Washington state required Class 12 or Class 13 MAST permit.
14. I just purchased the online ServSafe Alcohol Washington course. Now what?
o After purchasing the ServSafe Alcohol Washington course, you will receive an email at the email address that you provided when registering on the ServSafe website. This email will include directions and a course code to begin your online training. After you successfully complete the course, you will receive a second email with directions on accessing the final exam.
15. How long before I receive my MAST permit?
o After completion of the online course and exam you will have immediate access to print the ServSafe Alcohol certificate. This is used as proof of having completed the training and that you are waiting for the MAST permit to be mailed to you. The law allows providers 30 days to get individuals their MAST permit. The WRAEF does its best to make sure you receive your permit no more than 2 weeks after course completion.
16. It’s been 30 days and I haven’t received my MAST permit yet, what do I do?
o MAST permits are mailed to the address that you provided when starting the course. If a permit is returned to us in the mail, we attempt to contact you at the email address you provided upon registration. Please check your email first to see if we’ve tried contacting you. You can also email training@warestaurant.org to inquire about your permit.
17. HELP! I’m having technical difficulties with the online course.
o If you are having technical difficulties, please call the ServSafe Service Center at 800.765.2122 Ext 6703.


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